Highly activated bleaching earth   



Product description


ATL-3 is a highly active bleaching earth used in a wide scope of applications. It is manufactured by acid activation of calcium bentonite.


ATL-3 is very suitable for refining vegetable and animal oils and fats, moreover for finishing and/or reprocessing paraffins and waxes.


Physical/chemical characteristics (typical product data)


Free moisture  (2 h, 110 °C)                          %                                ~ 10

Loss on ignition (predried, 2 h, 1.000 °C)       %                                  7,2

pH (10% suspension, filtered)                        -                            4.55,5

Free acid(calcalated as H2SO4 )              %                  0.01                             Decolorization ability                     %                   93


Filtration properties


The filtration time remains below 60seconds.


Particle size distribution


The particle size of ATL-3 is determined by a sieve analysis of the dry powder. The following average values have been found for the various sieve fractions:


            >   150 µm                   %                              5

            >   45 µm                     %                            39


Chemical analysis


ATL-3(dried at 110°C for 2 hours) has the following composition (average values):


                 SiO2                       %                         68,4

                 Al2O3                    %                         14,3

                 Fe2O3                    %                           3,6

                 CaO                        %                           0,9

                 MgO                       %                           2,2

                 Na2O                      %                           0,6

                 K2O                       %                           1,9


Further information and technical advice


A representative sample from the purchase order lot should be sent in advance. Besides, each consignment must be accompanied by the relevant certificated of analysis. If desired, We can provide further   technical service support.